Tax Planning

Members of Chambers advise upon the tax-efficient structuring of transactions as well as more general tax planning for taxpayers ranging from large multinational companies and groups to private individuals and estates.

We undertake work in the personal, estate, partnership and corporate fields, including UK and offshore companies and trusts, pensions, employee share schemes, corporate mergers, acquisitions and flotations. We also undertake all related drafting whenever required.

We advise taxpayers in the following areas, which may be of particular interest to the financial community:

Corporate finance – all areas of corporate finance including: takeovers, mergers, demergers, pre-sale dividends, special dividends, project finance, capital contributions, buy-outs and buy-ins.

Structured finance – all types of transactions, including securitisation of payment flows, interest, hire purchase receivables, rent factoring and usufruct transactions.  We also advise in relation to banking and capital markets matters – including witholding tax, loan booking, sovereign debt, retail banking, discounting, derivatives, double tax relief and branch problems, as well as analysing loan documentation and “gross up” clauses.

Collective investment vehicles – Investment Trusts (breakups, acquisitions, takeovers, successions, predator trusts, contested bids), Unit Trusts (mergers, restructuring) and OIECS.

Investment partnerships

Leasing transactions – all fiscal elements.

Insurance company taxation – all aspects including P&I clubs, Lloyds and Equitas.

Pension funds – all aspects.

VAT planning

Employment taxation – including advising on employee benefit trusts, customised remuneration packages and employee bonus planning.

Other areas – including Private Finance Initiative (all structuring aspects), local authority and Housing Associations – finance and structuring SPVs.