The work is very demanding, but also highly satisfying, and has the prospect of exceptional financial rewards.


About 11 New Square

11 New Square is a leading set of barristers’ chambers specialising exclusively in tax law. We aim to provide consistently first-rate services to all clients, including advice on some of the highest-value and most complex transactions and representation in some of the leading tax appeals. Our key strength is in providing practical and commercially sound advice and representation to clients and this is reflected in our consistently high rankings within all legal directories both as a set of chambers and individually. 11 New Square does not offer pupillage every year and selects pupils with the intention that they will become members on successful completion of their pupillage.

Members of chambers appear in all types of tax litigation, in all of the tax tribunals and higher courts of the UK, and in other jurisdictions.  This extends to tax based commercial disputes, judicial review proceedings, professional negligence claims and all ADR procedures (including arbitration and mediation).

Members also have extensive advisory practices in all areas of tax including advice on the tax efficient structuring of transactions as well as more general tax planning for taxpayers ranging from large multinational companies and groups to private individuals and estates.

Selection Process and funding

We are seeking applicants who are academically excellent (normally a minimum degree class of 2:1), can demonstrate a high level of interest in / commitment to the Tax Bar and have outstanding communications skills. All pupils are assessed against the competences set out in the BSB’s Professional Statement for Barristers further details of which are found (along with other materials relating to pupillage generally) on the BSB’s website at www.barstandardsboard.org.uk. For information regarding our selection criteria, please click here.

We are offering a 12-month pupillage, the application dates for which are set out in the advert on the pupillage gateway (though we are also happy to consider applications for first, second or third sixes at other times). The pupillage carries an award in the region of £75,000 for 12 months. New tenants, other than established practitioners, will not be required to pay Chambers’ expenses for the first two years. Chambers acknowledges the considerable expenses incurred when training at the Bar so are prepared to provide £25,000 of the award prior to the commencement of pupillage.

How to apply

Aspiring barristers are invited to apply through the Pupillage Gateway. For information regarding deadlines for applications, please refer to the Pupillage Gateway timetable. Applicants will be required to answer a question (chosen by Chambers) in support of their application which will be found in the advert on the pupillage gateway.

For any further questions regarding applying for pupillage at 11 New Square please contact the senior clerk on 020 7242 4017. Alternatively, please email tom.rook@11newsquare who will be more than happy to assist.




Mini-pupillages give prospective applicants the opportunity to see for themselves how Chambers operates, and the sort of work that the members of Chambers undertake.  As such, undertaking a mini-pupillage gives a good impression of what life is like as a member of Chambers.

Mini-pupillages generally last for two to three days.  Applications for mini-pupillage should be made by letter, with a curriculum vitae, at least six months before the desired date of commencement of the mini-pupillage.

Chambers would be grateful if applicants for mini-pupillage would also complete Chambers’ diversity monitoring form. Completed forms will be kept separately and will not form part of the selection process. Completion of the monitoring forms is not obligatory, although it is encouraged.

We give careful consideration to all such applications.  Accordingly, please do not be concerned if you do not hear back from us immediately.

Enquiries about the nature of a mini-pupillage may be answered by contacting Tom Rook, our Senior Clerk.

All applications for mini-pupillage should be emailed to tom.rook@11newsquare.com.