The work is very demanding, but also highly satisfying, and has the prospect of exceptional financial rewards.

The Chambers of John Gardiner QC invites applications for a six or twelve month pupillage when such pupillages are advertised by us on the Pupillage Gateway. The pupillage carries an award of £20,000 for six months (or £40,000 for twelve).  New tenants can expect to start with a good quality of work and will not be required to pay Chambers’ expenses for at least two years.

Chambers specialises in tax law and is seeking applicants who meet the highest academic standards, and have outstanding communications skills. Candidates should preferably have a first-class or high upper-second class degree.

The work is very demanding, but also highly satisfying, and has the prospect of exceptional financial rewards.

Chambers is committed to providing equality of opportunity without discrimination and offers of mini-pupillage, pupillage and tenancy are made strictly on merit, by reference to relevant objective criteria.  Those criteria include intellectual ability, legal analysis, research and communication skills, and whether the candidate has the determination to become a successful tax barrister.  Chambers will only recruit, as pupils or tenants, individuals that are considered to have the potential to excel at the tax bar.  Chambers actively encourages all applicants irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or other personal characteristics not bearing upon the ability to practise at the bar.


Mini-pupillages give prospective applicants the opportunity to see for themselves how Chambers operates, and the sort of work that the members of Chambers undertake.  As such, undertaking a mini-pupillage gives a good impression of what life is like as a member of Chambers.

Mini-pupillages generally last for three days.  Applications for mini-pupillage should be made by letter, with a curriculum vitae, at least six months before the desired date of commencement of the mini-pupillage.

Chambers would be grateful if applicants for mini-pupillage would also complete Chambers’ diversity monitoring forms. Completed forms will be kept separately and will not form part of the selection process. Completion of the monitoring forms is not obligatory, although it is encouraged.

We give careful consideration to all such applications.  Accordingly, please do not be concerned if you do not hear back from us immediately.

Enquiries about the nature of a mini-pupillage may be answered by contacting Tom Rook, our Senior Clerk.

All applications for mini-pupillage should be sent to:

The Mini-Pupillage Committee
Chambers of John Gardiner QC
11 New Square
Lincoln’s Inn
London, WC2A 3QB